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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Imam Al-Ghazali and His Six Questions.

One fine day, Al-Ghazali was sitting among his students
He asked them  six questions.....

What is the nearest  in our life?
His students answered parents, teachers, and friends.
Al-Ghazali said: It is death.
[ Al Imran :185 ]Allah said, Every soul should has taste of death.

What is the farthest in this world?
His students answered: China, moon, sun and stars.
Al Ghazali said: It is the past.
No matter how hard we try to get it, it is still unreachable.

What is the biggest  on earth?
His students answered:mountain,the earth and the sun.
Al Ghazali said: It is the desire.
[ Al-A'raf: 179 ]. Beware of our own desires. Don't let them lead us to the Hellfire.

What is the heaviest  on earth?
His students answered: elephant and steel
Al Ghazali said: Holding trust,
[ Surah Al-Ahzab:72 ] The creation of God could not bear to be vicegerents on Earth. However, human beings were proud in carrying out this favour that led most of them to Hellfire due to their failures of keeping trust.

What is the lightest on earth?
His students answered: Wind, dust, cloud and cotton
Al Ghazali said: It is leaving five times pray.
We leave it because of our job or business.

What is the sharpest on earth?
His students answered: sword
Al Ghazali said: The tongue.
People love to backbite and hurt others to satisfy their own needs.

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