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Friday, May 8, 2009

How To Move "My Documents" To Another Partition In Vista

First of all, there is no real "My Documents" directory in Vista. All the "My" directories you see are virtual directories, junctions there for backwards compatibility with older programs that expect to find "My Documents". The actual location of your stuff is C:\Users\your-user-account\[Documents] [Downloads] etc. (This assumes a system drive of C:\ of course.)

You should not attempt to move the entire user directory but you can relocate Documents, Downloads, Music, etc.

To move the Documents folder to another location (like another partition or hard drive), right-click on the Documents folder and click Properties, then you'll find a tab called Location. Use the Move-button to move the folder to another location that you wish.

Good Luck!!!

Retrieved from: VISTAHEADS.. 7Mei 2009

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